Taekwon-Do themed parties


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Ideas for decorating for a Taekwon-Do party can include the following:

  • If you already take Taekwon-Do, hang up belts that you have earned to use as streamers in some places, such as the middle of a room or around windows. Put balloons in the middle where the belts meet. This works especially well if you have double-wrap belts, which are longer.
  • Put sparring gear shoes on the bottom of chair or table legs.
  • Buy balloons the colors of the belts that you have in your style of Taekwon-Do (for example, white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black) If your party celebrates someone earning their black belt, use black and gold balloons.
  • If this party is celebrating someone earning a belt, put the certificates earned earlier on the walls as decorations.


  • On a large piece of paper or cardboard, draw a picture of a martial artist in uniform, specifically wearing the type of dobok and patches used by your do-jang, if you have one.  Attach light bean bags to different areas of the body, and have party guests kick and punch off the bean bags in order to win. They get one chance to knock down each bean bag. If they can knock down each one in one try, they win! With younger guests, give them more than one try.
  • Have a pinata, specifically one shaped like something martial-arts related (belt, sparring gear, punching bag, trophy, fist, etc.) but rather than have guests knock it down with a bat, have them attempt to kick it down instead! Pinata prizes, besides candy, could be Taekwon-Do stickers, small martial arts action figures, and a free week/month pass to your do-jang, if the guests do not already take TKD.
  • Have your guests stand and extend their legs in a side piercing kick position. Whoever stays up the longest without falling wins!
  • Since Taekwon-Do is a Korean martial art, have a game of Korean chicken fighting! Have your guests bend their legs and lift them to their wastes, grabbing the leg with both hands. Then they must bump into other players to make them either fall down or let go of their leg with at least one hand. The aren’t allowed to poke people with their knees or push with their hands, to avoid injury.


Decorate your table with a martial arts table cloth, and possibly martial arts paper plates, and then serve some tasty Taekwon-Do treats!

  • TKD Cupcakes/cookies- make cupcakes or cookies and frost the top with icing in the shape of belts, fists, Taekwon-Do written in korean, the letters T-K-D, martial artists kicking and punching, or just ice the tops the colors of each of the belts in your do-jang.
  • TKD Cake- create a cake and frost the top with any of the same ideas for TKD cupcakes/cookies, or for a more complicated design, duplicate the logo for your do-jang.
  • Fist Foods- shape vegtables such as carrots or celery into fingers to create a punching fist that tastes good!
  • Tae Kwon Dip- make a thick cream cheese spread and mold it into the Korean characters for Taekwon-Do.

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