Training Diet

When you are a Taekwon-Do student, you know that you should fill your body with a healthy diet for your hard training. But there are some food myths that are still believed by almost everyone, even Taekwon-Do students and black belts.

Incorrect Food Pyramid

The food pyramid clearly shows that wheat foods such as bread and pasta are the best for you, and that fats like butter are the worst. This is actually wrong! People dieting to lose weight that exclude the wheat grains actually lose more weight, whereas butter is a sort of good fat that actually helps you lose weight rather than gain it. Of course, sugery drinks like cola are bad for you- very correct- but diet sodas are actually even worse! They are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which make you gain more weight than regular sugar. Splenda was actually created by accident in a lab. If you can’t believe this, do an internet search and find it to be true, or read the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat or Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. And if you need it from a TKD point of view, read this really great article by Taekwondo champion David Walsch. Here are some good replacements for foods that are advertised to be good for you but are actually bad for you.

Margerine-replace with-Butter

Low-fat yogurt-replace with– Whole Milk Yogurt

Splenda-replace with-Stevia or rapadura sugar

Low-fat milk--replace with-Whole Milk or Raw Milk

Diet Coke-replace with– Honey Cola

Canola Oil-replace with-Palm Oil

Corn Syrup-replace with-Honey, Agave syrup, or maple syrup

Wheat bread-replace with-Sourdough bread

And of course, all of the above should be eaten organically, or at least all-natural. The best athletes eat organic foods. Below is some proof:

“Grand Master H. U. Lee of the American Taekwondo Association believed in eating healthy and organic foods such as fruits.”

“American Olympic medalist, snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis states she strictly eats organic food to maintain a healthy and fit body.”

Snowboarder Hannah Teter, gold medalist Olympic athlete: “I’m basically on an organic-only diet. I don’t go to restaurants that don’t serve organic—ever. I cook at home most of the time and I enjoy eating super-healthy, pesticide-free food all the time… Everyone’s calling me “Hannah Organa” and I think that’s really funny, because they know I’m full-on.”


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