Sparring Gear

Top-Ten gear

Sparring gear is used in sparring competition. The ITF’s official sparring gear is Top-Ten and the WTF uses Adidas, but at the do-jang or at smaller tournaments, the popular Macho gear is often used.  Below is a list of common sparring equipment pieces:

  • Hand Gear/gloves
  • Foot gear
  • Head gear (sometimes optional)
  • Chest protector (optional in ITF, required in WTF)
  • Shin gaurds (optional)
  • Groin cup (male) (often optional)
  • Breast protector (female) (optional)
  • Mouthgaurd (sometimes optional)

Common colors include red, white, black, blue and pink. Other colors include purple, orange, yellow, and silver. In the ITF National Championships, only the colors red and blue are allowed.

Adidas gear

The popular Macho gear



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