TKD Gifs

Free Taekwon-Do gifs are so hard to find online. They are either on a nasty pop-up filled site, a site that only offers two, or a site that offers a bunch of Japanese Warriors!  That’s why I’ve found them for you- just right-button click on your mouse and select the “save to your computer” button, or use Ctrl and C at the same time to copy them for your own use. Hit Ctrl and V to paste.


Karate_kick_2.gif - (11K)Turning-kickKarate kick - Click image to download.Flying side kickKarate fighter 2 - Click image to download. Quick side kicksKarate fight - Click image to download. Counter-attacker         Karate 3 - Click image to download.     Sparring     Karate 2 - Click image to download. High kick

Karate match - Click image to download.Ho Sin Sul throwRayners Lane Taekwon-DoCool Demo Dude  cantwell_taekwondo.gif image by spiritofthebruce UFC TKD? Karate.gif Karate GIF image by MangafairyQuick Hand Combo

Animated Sport - Martial ArtsStep-Sparring   animated gifsL-stance Animated Sport - Martial ArtsDouble-front kickerFree Animations Take-down Free AnimationsKnife-hand man

 Player with most highscoresGold  Player on 2nd placeSilver Player on 3rd place Bronze  Guy kicking bag No-shirt bag training Sparring gear kicker pair-gif.gif Punch Training

fight.gif Black belt step-sparring yinyangspin-gif.gif  Yin-Yang girlkarate_kickgif.gifGirl high kicker kick_whitegif.gif Side kick

Have some good gifs? Share them in a comment!



Find Taekwon-Do videos at the following sites:

LVTKD Videos




Taekwon-Do Competition
Spar ITF style in this Taekwon-Do fighting game. Score more points with various techniques to win.
S-Punch, D-Kick, A- Avoid.

Taekwondo Show Game
Break boards the best to earn points at a Taekwondo show. Use spacebar.

Kick Head
This simple game isn’t specifically Taekwon-Do. Play as a martial artist and use your high kicks to defend yourself against advancing enemies.


Funtrivia Tae Kwon Do Quizzes
Test your knowledge with various TKD quizzes about different styles

Which Taekwondo Belt Are You?
Take this quiz to find out how far you will go in Taekwondo.


Tae Kwon Do World Champion
A Tae Kwon Do sparring video game for your computer. You can also use it to play against others online. Train to be a World Champion!


Taekwondo Puzzle

A tricky online puzzle of a Taekwon-Doin doing a flying side kick.

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